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It was a personal project that turned into a business. 


For more than 20 years I worked as a graphic designer and photographer and in 2021, after endlessly shooting and reshooting my own kids I opened Project Photo Sessions.


My mission is to replicate the simple, candid shots I took of my kids for other parents, to serve as a high quality, high style, and honest record of how your child is today.


I have translated my passion for minimalism and photojournalism into a style of simplicity and restraint that showcases the child and nothing else because they’re each already an extraordinary work of art.


The studio is a welcoming environment for kids to share their wild, hilarious, and free-spirited selves. I give them the space to open up so their personalities can shine. 

Project is based in Calgary but often holds pop up sessions in retail spaces across the country. Check back for dates.


For more info check out FAQ, How it works, and On the wall.
Please reach out if you have questions.



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